The world’s best burgers are here: The Economist

The world’s best burgers are here: The Economist

BURNSIDE, N.J. (Reuters) – The world is in for some epic burger-eating, as the Economist has crowned the best burgers in the world in its latest ranking of the world’s most famous burgers.

The Economist rankings the world ‘s best burgers, burgers in particular, based on their quality and the amount of money they command.

They also count the amount and quality of meat on the plate.

The best burgers have been ranked by the Economist, based in the United Kingdom, since 2014.

The top spot goes to an American burger named the “Lamb and Bacon” at the London burger bar, Burger King.

The world’s top burgers are burgers that are made from lamb, bacon, mayonnaise, mayo, ketchup and mayonnaiser.

The top 10 burgers are ranked from highest to lowest in each of the categories, with the top burger being considered the best.

The five highest-ranked burgers in each category are:The Burger King Lamb and Bacon burger at the UK’s Burger King in London, which was awarded the title of best burger in the country, with a score of 10.1, is ranked the second-highest burger in Britain, ahead of the British burger chain McDonalds, which scored the third-highest.

The Burger King burger, with its beef and chicken, is the second most popular burger in America, behind McDonald’s.

The burger was named one of Forbes ‘ 100 Best Burgers of All Time.

It also came in at number two on the global best burger list.

The burger at McDonalds in New York, with an American beef patty at the center, was ranked second on the list of the best burger, behind the burger chain Burger King, with nine points.

The burgers of the top three burger chains were also ranked by Forbes, ranking second to McDonalds.

The two American burgers that scored the highest on the burger-ordering website Eater, with their beef patties at the top of the list, were also named as the world-best burgers by the publication.

The restaurant chain, which is owned by fast food giant General Mills, said in a statement that it was excited to have won the “Golden Burger” title.

Eater also ranked the burger world’s 100 best burgers.

The two burgers that topped the list were the burger that came in first in the rankings for best hamburger, topped by McDonald’s, and the burger with the world famous bun.

The highest-ranking burger in terms of points was also the best-ranked burger, according to the Economist.

The New York burger chain, in the US, was awarded a star for having the world number one burger for five consecutive years.

The other two burger chains, Burger Kings and Wendy’s, were awarded the “World’s Best Burger” by the magazine.

The world record for best burger was held by Burger King for nine years in 2016.

The “Worlds 100 Best Burger,” as it’s known, was won by the American burger chain at the world burger awards in New Orleans in 2019.

The World’s 100 Best burgers have their origin in a New York City burger shop, called the “Bubble.”

It is named after the world record of five consecutive burgers that were given a star.

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