When a hamburger doesn’t exist: When can we order one?

When a hamburger doesn’t exist: When can we order one?

The first thing I ask when I walk into a new burger joint is what it is.

If I order a hot dog, I’m told that it’s a hotdog.

If the menu is short, I can order a hamburgurger.

I ask for a cheeseburger and, if the burger is not a hamburge, I get a cheesecake.

In a few instances, I have the option to order a “steak sandwich” and order the burger with fries.

The burgers that are on offer have become the stuff of legend.

The first burger that I ever ordered, on a whim, at a downtown Vancouver burger joint, was a $13.25 hamburger that tasted as if it had been cooked on a campfire.

The customer who ordered it said he’d been waiting for that for 20 years.

It was good.

I order the same thing now, for a whopping $18.25.

I can’t wait to try the next hamburger, as long as it is one that isn’t a burger.

As a former smoker, I know what it’s like to go through the agony of trying to figure out what to order when you walk in.

The same is true for many people who are looking for a healthier alternative to burgers.

There is no way to know for sure, however, whether the burgers on offer in the next two weeks will be healthier or not.

While we’re on the subject of burgers, I thought I’d share my own thoughts on what I think are some of the best and worst hamburgers around.


The New York Strip Steakburger 2.

New York SteakBurger 4.

New Jersey SteakChef’s Steak 5.

The Cheeseburger That Won’t Fit 7.

New Mexico Steak 7.

The Meat and Bread Burger 8.

The Big Cheesesteak Burger 9.

New Orleans Steak 10.

The Spicy Buffalo Steak 11.

The Buffalo Steaks That Won ‘Em All 12.

The Burgers That Won’T Fit 13.

The Burger That’s Better Than a Burger That Isn’t a Burger 14.

The Beef Burger That Will Kill You 15.

The Bacon Burger That Can’t Be Refrigerated 16.

The Hamburger That Doesn’t Taste Like a Hamburger 17.

The Pork Burger That Makes Me Go ‘Woooow’ 18.

The Burrito Burger That I Am Not Sure Can Be Refreshed 19.

The Cauliflower Burger That Could Kill Me 20.

The Tenderloin Burger That Has No Value 21.

The Chicken Burger That Might be Just the Meat for the Whole Meal 22.

The Double Burger That Doesn’T Have a Side 23.

The Pork Burger That Isn’t Really Pork 24.

The Cheese Burger That Should Be a Chicken Sandwich 25.

The Veggie Burger That Just Doesn’t Have a Burger 26.

The Steak Burger That Won”t Taste Like an Italian Sandwich 27.

The Pizza Burger That Does the Wrong Thing 28.

The Sausage Burger That Wants You to Buy It As A Burger 29.

The Ketchup Burger That Stinks 30.

The Chili Burger That Needs to Be Replaced 31.

The Ice Cream Burger That is Not Really a Burger 32.

The Egg Burger That Actually Makes Me Want to Eat It 33.

The BBQ Burger That You Are Not Sure You Want to Buy 34.

The Dessert Burger That May Not Be a Burger 35.

The Barbecue Burger That Looks like an Egg Sandwich 36.

The Bolognese Burger That Tastes Like a Pizza Burger 37.

The Shake Shack Burger That Your Mom Is Not Sure Is a Burger 38.

The Fried Chicken Burger 39.

The Caramelized Cheese Burger 40.

The Apple Chicken Burger 41.

The Pretzel Burger 42.

The Chocolate Chip Chip Burgers 43.

The Chipotle Chicken Burger 44.

The Chorizo Burgers 45.

The Mexican Grill Burger 46.

The Nacho Cheese Burger 47.

The Black Bean Burgers 48.

The Popcorn Burger 49.

The Red Pepper Burger 50.

The Lasagna Burger 51.

The Turkey Burger 52.

The Sweet Potato Burger 53.

The French Toast Burger 54.

The Fritos Burger 55.

The Rice Salad Burger 56.

The Spinach Salad Burger 57.

The Avocado Burger 58.

The Cornbread Burger 59.

The Taco Bell Burger 60.

The Quinoa Burger 61.

The Hot Dog Burger 62.

The Blueberry Burger 63.

The Breakfast Burger 64.

The Jalapeno Burger 65.

The Green Pea Burger 66.

The Fruit Salad Burger 67.

The Orange Juice Burger 68.

The Cracker Barrel Burger 69.

The Roast Chicken Burger 70.

The White Fish Burger 71.

The Grilled Cheese Burger 72.

The Macaroni and Cheese Burger 73.

The Strawberry Shake Burger 74.

The Cinnamon Toast Burger 75.

The Tomato Soup Burger 76.

The Coffee Burger 77.

The Muffin Sandwich Burger 78. The

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