How many calories are in your burger?

How many calories are in your burger?

By now, you probably know that hamburghers contain a lot of calories.

But, what about burgers that are made from scratch, using local ingredients?

Here’s a look at the calories in a typical burger.

A burger with an extra 2,200 calories from the extra ingredients is the equivalent of more than a cup of tea.

A burger made from 100% grass-fed beef is the same calorie-content as a burger made with 100% beef.

How to eat a burger safelyThe best way to eat burger is to buy a patty, slice it into a bun, place it on a bun with lettuce, tomatoes and tomato sauce, and then pat it into your mouth.

When you bite into your burger, you should be able to feel the texture of the burger.

The bun should have been lightly seasoned with salt and pepper.

There should be little or no cheese.

If you’re feeling particularly hungry, you can order a burger in a bun that’s made from a mixture of ground beef, ground beef mix and ground beef patty.

You should also order a patting method to get a firm, firm patty that’s as thick as a hamburger bun.

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