Haunting hamburger show has haunted guests

Haunting hamburger show has haunted guests

The Haunted Hamburger Show at The Hub, in Melbourne’s inner north, is one of Australia’s most famous haunted attractions.

The attraction, which opened in 2011, was originally supposed to open to the public in 2014 but has now been closed indefinitely due to poor customer service.

But after receiving a string of complaints from locals and visitors, owner Peter Rennie decided to reopen in January this year.

“I thought the people who are complaining are really, really lovely people and I thought they’re just being honest with us,” Mr Rennier told the ABC.

“We know what they’re feeling and it’s something that we really want to do for them.”

But it’s been tough getting people to come.

“There’s just a number of complaints that we’ve been receiving from people who have been really bothered by the behaviour of the other people that are in the show,” he said.

“It’s really frustrating.”

Hamburg is a city of about 2.5 million people, and Mr Renny said it was important for people to know about the history and nature of the place.

“Hamburger is a very, very special place, we’re very lucky to have it in the city of Melbourne,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“So when you hear about it from someone who is in the community, that’s a very big deal.”

That’s the way we do things, we put people in the place that we know and love, and they’re happy to be there.”‘

We want to bring the real Hamburger to Melbourne’Despite the lack of customers, Mr Rennis said the show was still popular.”

In the early days, people were so excited, they loved the carnival, the food, and so many people came down, and I think we really wanted to bring Hamburger back to Melbourne,” Mr Lassiter said.”[It’s] something we’re all very passionate about.

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