Air fryer Hamburger Depot to open in Houston

Air fryer Hamburger Depot to open in Houston

Hamburger and other fast-food joints have been forced to move as the nation braces for another round of food shortages as the government struggles to get its food system back online.

The air fryers are a popular source of fast food in the nation’s fast-growing suburbs and suburbs of New York City, Dallas and Austin.

With more than 1,000 locations nationwide, many of them in major metropolitan areas, the air fryes are among the most popular sources of fast-casual food in America, and the company is betting big on Houston as a prime spot for its expansion plans.

The company is expected to open a second Texas air fryery in late 2018, in a development that would be the first in the state.

The company has also set up a subsidiary in Texas, with the intention of opening a new facility in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Hamburger AirFryers has already expanded in Texas by opening three locations in Dallas, Austin and Fort Worth, and is now planning to open another in Houston in the next two years.

The Austin air fry house, which has opened in 2017, is located just east of downtown.

“We are excited to partner with Texas and other cities and regions to help support our growth in the Houston area,” said Hamburger CEO and founder Peter Roesch.

“Houstonians are proud of our food, our products, and we will continue to make our air fry sandwiches and other items available for our customers in a variety of ways.”

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner has also been supportive of the expansion.

“Our air fry is a great source of sustenance for those who live and work in Houston, and it is also a great way for our residents to get their fix of fresh-cut, flavorful food,” he said.

“I hope that the Houston Air Fryers will continue their success as they expand into other markets in the coming years.”

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