Burger heaven: Burger Heaven makes its burger patty from scratch

Burger heaven: Burger Heaven makes its burger patty from scratch

Burger Heaven is a small-batch burger maker in Washington state that makes its own burger patties using only ingredients from its own farm and ingredients it finds in the local markets.

The idea is that the patty, which can be topped with lettuce, mayonnaise, and tomato, is the real deal.

In fact, the company says it only uses ingredients it found locally.

The company is part of the nationwide burger chain Burger King, which has a number of similar companies.

It has also created its own meatballs, but only from scratch.

Here’s a look at the company.

Burger Heaven burger patios are made with whole wheat, flax, and rice flour.

They are also gluten-free.

(Photo: Burger King) Burger Heaven’s founder, Josh Smith, is from Idaho, and he started out working on small-scale industrial food production for farmers.

He says he wanted to start a company that was “different.”

“I was thinking, ‘What are we going to do that’s different from the big guys?

What are we gonna do that can be the best in the business?'” he said.

“I wanted to build something that’s not a hamburger company but a restaurant company.”

Burger Heaven started in the fall of 2015, and Smith says he has been making burgers since then.

The burger patio menu is mostly meat-based, but it does have a few vegetarian options.

For example, the Burger Heaven Kebab patty with kimchi, garlic, and cucumber is a traditional burger staple.

For a more meat-focused burger, Smith has made the Baja Kebabs, which are a spicy chicken patty topped with a grilled tomato.

In some spots, the burgers are made from a ground beef, chicken, or pork base.

For other items, Burger Heaven has used “raw beef,” which is from cattle raised for meat in Mexico.

“We use raw beef from the local market, and then we add the juices from that to the base,” Smith said.

Smith also makes the Bajaja Kabs burger, which is a beef patty dipped in chili sauce, with ketchup, mustard, and cheddar cheese.

It is also a vegetarian patty.

(See photos of the Burger King Kebba burger.)

For the BABAQ burger, the Kebaba is dipped in a spicy, tomato-based sauce that is seasoned with kalamata olives.

(Read more: ‘Pizza’ burger) The BABBQ patty is made with kabab, a meatball stuffed with beef, and the beef is then topped with mustard, ketchup and cucumbers.

The burgers are dipped in the sauce and topped with kumquat.

For the baja, Smith adds the tomato and cucus.

For all burgers, the toppings include lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and mustard.

(The BABBs are made of beef, ground beef and chicken, and sauce.)

Smith says his goal is to create a “meatball burger” that is more than just a patty — he also wants to offer an alternative to the burgers.

He believes the burgers have been successful so far, but he wants to improve them.

“If you make a burger, it is going to be good, but the real thing is the burger,” he said, adding that he’s been experimenting with the menu for the past two years.

“You can make a really good burger, but you can’t make the best burger.”

Burger heaven’s food is made on a small farm and all of its products are sourced from local markets or local suppliers.

Smith said he makes all of the meat from scratch, which he said allows him to offer a higher quality product.

The menu also offers a variety of options, like burgers made with chicken or beef.

The Kebaas, for example, are made only from ground beef.

For more information, check out the burger menu at burger heaven.com.

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