Restaurant owners: We’ll take your complaints, but only when they’re ‘fair’

Restaurant owners: We’ll take your complaints, but only when they’re ‘fair’

LONDON (AP) Restaurant owners in Britain are outraged by the government’s plans to crack down on a growing trend of diners dumping food waste into sewers and waterways.

It’s called “dumping” because it’s not compostable.

Instead, it is typically thrown into the sewer to kill bacteria.

But in England, the practice is becoming increasingly common.

The Environment Agency says the number of people dumping food in the Thames, the Severn, and the Channel has increased since 2014.

They’ve also reported more cases of people throwing food into sewings and waterways, including the Thames.

They’ve also found that people are throwing food in to rivers where it’s likely to die, leading to more algae blooms, and more dead fish and other organisms.

But a spokesperson for the Environment Agency, who asked not to be identified, said it was up to businesses to take action and stop the practice.

The spokesperson said: “If you think there is a risk to you, please inform us, so that we can take the necessary action to address the issue and prevent further waste from getting into the environment.”

The government says the move is a good way to curb the spread of food-borne illness.

A spokesman for the Ministry of the Environment said the government was committed to “working together to reduce waste and waste management and encourage responsible waste management practices.”

The government says it will use the powers to fine businesses that dump food in public areas, such as schools and playgrounds, where they are more likely to be found.

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