How a keto burger and cabbage stir fry will change your life

How a keto burger and cabbage stir fry will change your life

Posted November 04, 2018 08:13:17 I’m in the market for a ketos recipe that will take me back to my keto days of eating off-the-grid, without the hassle of a grocery store.

That’s what my daughter, Kylie, wanted to see when she tasted my Keto Chicken & Biscuit Burger.

The recipe is simple, with just the right combination of flavors, and she’s a huge fan.

Kylie is the first person to share that recipe on Instagram.

I know I will soon too.

This is Kylie’s favorite.

I had to recreate the recipe using a different combination of ingredients and ingredients that are very similar to Kylies favorite, Keto Bread Biscuits.

Kyli loves these bread biscuits, and they’re delicious as well.

They are very filling and delicious, with a crispy crust.

These bread biscuits are the perfect snack, and I promise, they won’t be missed.

Kylies keto bread biscuits taste great and they are super easy to make.

I also love that they are gluten-free and dairy-free, and there’s a lot of room in the baking pan.

If you don’t have time to make these bread biscuits, you can also substitute keto chicken breast in place of the chicken breast.

I used the same recipe for Kylie but substituted the chicken for the beef and used 1/2 cup less butter.

Kyly loves to eat this recipe, and it is one of her go-to keto breakfast items. Enjoy!

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