What’s in a burger?

What’s in a burger?

Burger King has finally confirmed its newest burger has been named “The Bump,” a nod to the chain’s famous logo.

The burger, dubbed “The Burger King,” was launched last week in the U.K. and will be available at select Burger King outlets across the U-K.

The brand’s new burger will be sold at a limited time beginning March 11.

Burger King CEO Stephen Hess said the burger’s name was inspired by the burger King Burger, which has an orange burger bun and a red patty.

“The original burger was based on the original Bump Burger that was created by our Bump team back in 1999,” Hess said.

“This new burger has an innovative, distinctive name that we think will resonate with people.”

Hess said he believes the burger will attract customers with the familiar name and logo.

“We’re really happy to be able to announce this as the first burger in the franchise to feature the iconic Burger King logo,” he said.

Burger king plans to debut a burger with the name of the original Burger King on the company’s new menu sometime in the next two months.

Burger Kings first Burger King burger was named after the burger chain’s founder and namesake, who served as a consultant to the company.

The original Burger Kings original logo, shown here, was originally displayed on a burger.

Burger kings first logo, which was designed by famed illustrator Peter Sciretta, was featured prominently in a menu of the companys earliest restaurants in 2001.

The new logo features the iconic red and yellow bun, red and green patty and the iconic hamburger logo.

A Burger King spokeswoman told The Verge the brand has “taken on a life of its own” and hopes to unveil a new burger every few months.

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