Burger King is hiring a ‘Hamster King’ helper to help it fight ‘hamburgers’

Burger King is hiring a ‘Hamster King’ helper to help it fight ‘hamburgers’

The burger king has hired a ‘hamster king’ helper as it tries to shake down customers for more hamburger.

The burger chain announced Thursday it will be hiring a human resources consultant who will help with employee training and job placement.

The hire comes after the fast food chain announced it was launching a human resource development program to help its employees navigate a hostile environment.

The new hire will help beef up a burger joint that was the center of a recent labor dispute that led to the loss of more than 100 jobs.

The news comes less than two weeks after Burger King announced it would be laying off about 50 employees in a bid to save $2 billion.

The fast food company said Thursday that it would lay off more than 150 workers in a labor dispute with franchisees over wages and benefits.

The union said the cuts were meant to cut costs.

Burger King CEO and president Kevin McCarty has called the company’s labor strategy “unfair” and “irresponsible.”

“We need to invest in our workforce, and that starts with hiring the right people, and then we’ll get on with the job,” McCarty said in a statement.

“We need the right human resources team to help us do that.”

Burger Kings franchisees have been fighting for the franchisees to keep more than 50 employees on staff as the company tries to return to profitability.

The company announced in October that it was laying off more then 100 workers as it prepares to cut $2.5 billion in labor costs.

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