Burger king wants to bring hamburgets back to the UK

Burger king wants to bring hamburgets back to the UK

Burger King wants to return to Britain to offer the hamburget burger to customers.

It is aiming to bring the popular British dish to the continent by 2025.

Burger King has set up a partnership with the UK’s new Burger King Food Co-Op, which will be owned by the burger chain, which is looking to expand its food offerings across the country.

Burger Kings UK and the Co-op have been working together to launch a UK-wide burger joint, which was announced earlier this month.

It’s expected to open in 2019.

“The UK is one of the fastest growing markets for burgers and we’re delighted to be bringing this new partnership to our fans in the UK,” said Andrew Wilson, Burger King UK’s chief operating officer.

The burger chain has launched a UK franchise in the past and recently announced plans to open a new restaurant in the city of London, which could see it expand in the future.

“We want to be the burger king in the U.K. by 2025 and this partnership is the perfect opportunity to bring this iconic British food to the U: it’s just so delicious,” said Wilson.

The Co-operative Burger has already opened its first UK branch in the capital.

It opened a second branch in central London in May.

Burger king has previously made plans to expand into the UK, but it has been delayed by regulatory issues.

In February, Burger king launched its own burger franchise in Liverpool.

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