GOP senators propose ‘burger’ legislation

GOP senators propose ‘burger’ legislation

The GOP senators who sponsored the bill Monday are pushing for a burger.

The bill would add cheese and onions to a hamburger made with the same ingredients, but add chicken, steak, chicken sausage, and beef.

Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., told reporters he’s trying to create a more balanced version of the popular hamburger, which is popular in Asia and has been a staple of the fast-food industry.

“I think it’s just a better way to eat,” Corker said.

The Senate voted overwhelmingly to pass the bill on a 26-13 vote.

The legislation has been endorsed by a bipartisan group of lawmakers from both parties, including Sen. Lindsey Graham, R–S.C., who called it a “modern take on a classic burger.”

Graham said the bill would “reinforce the burger industry as we see it in the U.S.”

“If it works, then I think it should be an even better burger than the one we have today,” Graham said.

Sen (R-Fla.)

Marco Rubio, R.I., also applauded the bill.

“If we can find a way to bring more American ingredients into this burger, that would be a very good thing,” Rubio said.

Rubio, who is an investor in Burger King, said the legislation would help create jobs in the fast food industry and help create a healthier food culture.

“This is a great way to take a classic American burger and make it better,” Rubio told reporters.

“The American people want to eat a burger, they want to have a hamburgers.”

The proposal has been criticized by a group of food safety experts, including the Center for Science in the Public Interest, who called the bill “too extreme.”

The group called it “the perfect example of what is wrong with the American diet, which has been replaced by a diet of fast food and a diet based on junk food.”

The American Beverage Association also criticized the bill, calling it “a recipe for a dangerous food that threatens our national health.”

The bill passed the Senate on a 22-10 vote and has moved on to the House.

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