‘Instant Pot lady’: Woman’s ‘Instant-Pot’ burger with a burger bun is a hit

‘Instant Pot lady’: Woman’s ‘Instant-Pot’ burger with a burger bun is a hit

Posted August 25, 2018 09:54:06 When it comes to burger buns, we know we have a taste for a burger made with instant-pot cooking technology.

But, how does one go about making one?

Here’s a guide to all the essentials for making a hamburger bun, plus some tips on how to keep it from sticking to the bun while you cook it.1.

Cut the bun in half and remove the centre.

If you’re making a burger with meat, you’ll need to cut the meat in half.

If you’re cooking a burger, you should be able to use a large cutting board to cut into the centre of the meat.2.

Heat up the instant-pots.

You’ll need an instant- pot and a grill pan, which should be a medium-high heat.

You’ll need a large skillet to heat the instant pot.

You may also want to use the pan as a microwave oven.3.

When the instant pots are hot, place the bun into the pan.

You can place the burger in between the pan and the heat.

If your burgers don’t stick to the pan, then the bun might not be cooked all the way through.4.

Cook the burger until it is golden brown.

When the burger is golden-brown, turn off the heat and allow the bun to cool.5.

Place the bun back into the heat until it’s cooked through.

If the burger hasn’t cooked through completely, it may be better to let it sit at room temperature for a while.6.

Serve the burger.

If your burger doesn’t stick, serve it with the sauce from the burger, lettuce and tomato, a side of fries and a beer.

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