‘Hamburg, the Biggest Hamburger Place in America’ closes its doors for good

‘Hamburg, the Biggest Hamburger Place in America’ closes its doors for good

The city’s historic Hamburger Hill is closing its doors on Wednesday, July 13th for good, after a series of renovations and improvements to the eatery’s exterior.

According to the city, the renovation work began in the spring of 2017.

That work included a new front entrance, new signage, and the installation of new elevators. 

A video posted by The Hamburger (@thehamburg) on Jul 12, 2018 at 12:38pm PDTThe city also announced it was partnering with the local nonprofit, Hamburger Outreach, to help pay for the repairs.

“Hamburger Hill’s owners and staff are deeply appreciative of the hard work put in by the city and the public during this difficult time,” said Bob Stokes, chairman of the Hamburger District Council.

“The renovations and upgrades were critical to the long-term health and well-being of the community and the restaurant.

We thank them for their hard work.” 

According to Hamburger Hills owners Chris and Jennifer Kieler, the renovations took a number of years to complete. 

“This has been a very, very long time coming, and it was a lot of work,” said Chris Kielers’ wife, Jennifer Krieger.

“I know I’ve got to make some sacrifices in my own life to have the opportunity to work with Hamburger.

But it’s been really worth it, because this is what our community has come to depend on.

It was the only way we could make it work.”

The Kriegers said they decided to close the restaurant after more than 20 years in business.

The couple said they didn’t want to go through the same experience as the other restaurants in the area.

“This is what we’ve been doing for 20 years,” Chris Krieer said.

“It’s not what you see here, but it’s what we have.”

The Hamburger has been in business since 1955, and has hosted weddings, charity events, and a variety of special events.

The restaurant also hosts a variety and specialty burgers for local restaurants, as well as local music and entertainment.

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