A burger done temp is a haunted hamburger

A burger done temp is a haunted hamburger

The ghost of a burger cooked at a home-cooked hamburger restaurant in a hamburg township is making headlines across Australia, with the restaurant’s owner facing a possible jail term for “abandoning his duties”.

A hamburger done temp (HFD) is a cooked hamburger served cold, often for long periods of time without the use of a grill, with a small amount of gravy.

A restaurant owner in a suburb of Melbourne, whose name is not being released for legal reasons, was also charged over his handling of a $50,000 refundable loan, which he refused to pay, The Age newspaper reported on Tuesday.

Mr Kostelanek, who has not been charged with any offences, is accused of breaching the NSW Food Standards Act by failing to give notice that he was opening the restaurant to the public, the paper reported.

“He was going to open it but he did not have a permit to do so and he was failing to take all of the necessary steps to ensure the food safety was up to date,” his lawyer, Andrew Ladd, told the paper.

The restaurant was closed in August after the owner’s wife had breast cancer surgery.

He has not previously spoken about the incident, but his wife told the newspaper he had been drinking heavily, and that he had tried to take her home to their home in Sydney’s west.

“I’m not going to speak about it because it’s private,” she told the Herald Sun.

“It’s just too much trouble for my family.

I don’t want it to happen to anyone else.”

The owner was not in court on Monday, and his lawyer has asked for bail to be set at $5,000.

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