What you need to know about the hamburger recall

What you need to know about the hamburger recall

As the global market for hamburger burgers wanes, the nation’s fast-food chains are scrambling to find ways to avoid paying out billions in penalties.

The hamburger companies say the recall could have far-reaching consequences for the U.S. economy.

As part of the recall, McDonald’s has been offering free samples of its fries and fries with gravy, while Pizza Hut is offering a free pizza to anyone who returns a Burger King product. 

Read MoreOn Friday, Taco Bell announced that it would offer free samples to all customers returning a Taco Bell product.

The company says the program is intended to help customers make informed decisions.

“Taco Bell is committed to providing our customers with the freshest and freshest options possible,” Taco Bell said in a statement. 

In a letter sent to McDonald’s customers, the company said it will be making a payment to a U.K.-based charity for the first of the 7,000 recall orders, and the company will be paying the charities a total of $1.8 million in fines. 

As part of its response to the recall announcement, McDonalds said it was recalling all of its hot dogs, hamburgers, fries, and sauces in its U.N. Food Security Program, and also is voluntarily recalling its Chicken McNuggets and Big Macs.

“These are not the foods that were sold in the U, U. S., or U. K. McDonalds is aware of no cases of illness associated with these products,” the company’s statement read. 

“In fact, we’re seeing a very small number of reports of illness, and none of these products have been linked to illness in the United States,” McDonald’s spokesperson Lisa Jaffe said in an email to CNNMoney.

“McDonalds has implemented our voluntary recall program to help meet the global demand for its products, and we have no reason to believe that the recall program has been successful in meeting our goal.” 

Read more about McDonald’s recall, recall announcement Read the full statement here

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