German beer company to open ‘hamburger village’ in Iowa

German beer company to open ‘hamburger village’ in Iowa

GERMANY – The German beer maker Hamburger GmbH plans to open a burger village in Iowa in the coming months, a move that could spark competition among state breweries.

Hamburger GMBH said on Thursday that it will start working on a development plan for the burger village that will include about 15 restaurants, including a bakery, grocery store, bar and restaurant.

The village will also have a full-service beer bar, the company said.

The Hamburger family is owned by the brothers Christian and Erwin.

In 2016, the group purchased Hamburger, a German company, for $11 billion, the second-largest U.S. acquisition in history.

The company will also open a bar and an Italian restaurant in the village.

Hospitality will be provided in the restaurant and a bar, and the Hamburger company plans to develop a restaurant with seating for up to 30.

Hamburger plans to hire 30 people in the first year.

In addition to the village, Hamburger is developing a new brewery in the town of Greenville.

It also is planning to open new stores in Iowa, Colorado and New Mexico, according to a company news release.

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