How to get a ride on the Honda HR-V with a 3D printed burger hut

How to get a ride on the Honda HR-V with a 3D printed burger hut

Posted November 06, 2018 07:27:52 It seems like a bit of a stretch to call a 3-D printer a ‘Honda HR-v’, but that’s exactly what the company is doing.

The company has released a new 3D-printed burger hut with a “chef-made” 3D printer, and the project is a bit more ambitious than you might expect.

It is based on the same concept as the one used for the HR-Vs, the “Honda 2” car, which was launched back in 2019.

But this one uses 3D printing technology to print out a full-sized restaurant that can hold up to 10 people, instead of the usual three people.

You can check out the video below to see the 3D print in action.

The idea behind the Burger Hut is to take the “hobby of the diner” to the next level.

The restaurant could be in the shape of a restaurant, or the kitchen could be a kitchen.

There’s even a projector behind the restaurant.

And if you need a little more help, the Burger hut will come with an LED light bar, a custom-made 3D scanner and even a full meal menu.

The Burger Hut uses a 3DS Max software package and 3D scanning to create the 3-dimensional structure.

The printer uses the 3DS software to print parts out, with the part being printed on a 3DF printer.

It then uses a custom tool to cut the parts out of ABS plastic, which is then printed into the hamburger, and then the 3d printer prints the hamburgers in a laser cutter.

The burger hut uses an electric motor, and has a range of up to 25 feet, which means that you can use it as a hotel for short trips.

You’ll need a 3.5-inch touchscreen, a Wi-Fi connection and the 3ds Max software, but the software itself is free to download and use.

3D Printing in the future?

The Burger Hut is just one of a number of 3D printers being tested by 3D Systems, the company that makes the HR and HR- V. Other 3D Printers available from the company include the “Kerberos” and the “Sprint 3D”.

3D Robotics is also in the burger hut game, as well as the “Burger Hut” and “Burrito” models.

3DSMAX software for 3D Prints Burger Hut Burger Hut (H-V) Burger Hut with 3D Printed Burger Hut and 3DSMax software Burger Hut 3DPrintable Burger Hut from, and the Google Play store are also hosting 3Dprints of various 3D models, which are a great way to get an idea of how 3D technology might work in the near future.

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