Which burger is the best at Tom’s?

Which burger is the best at Tom’s?

Tom’s, Inc. is in the midst of a food and beverage marketing blitz in the United States.

But its first step in the new campaign comes in the form of the brand’s new “tommy” hamburger.

The company has spent the past couple of weeks working on a new “Tommy” burger that looks and tastes like a traditional hamburger but with a touch of extra flair.

The hamburger features the famous “Tom” hamburger sauce and is made with an American-style patty, which is then topped with a smoked ham, American-made bacon and lettuce.

It’s a bold, bold move, and the company says it will have the “Tom-to-be” in stores by the end of the year.

“Tom’s has a proven track record of creating great burgers, and this is just the latest in a string of great new products we are working on to further our brand’s global reach,” said Chris Latham, president of Tom’s North America.

“We can’t wait to share this burger with our customers around the world.”

The burger will be available in U.S. stores and online beginning in mid-May.

The company also announced plans to launch a limited edition Tom’s Signature Grill Burger on its website.

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